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Why would the President not know?2007-09-20 23:23:27admin2

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corp, Tucson, AZ chapter claims to be the originator of the photos. We assume that to make their point that they didn't raid a thrift store and then toss the stuff around in an area where illegal aliens might convene. What is amazing is that all that stuff was left behind. I guess the illegals figured as welfare recipients in our great country that they would get it all replaced.

Who took these pictures?2007-09-20 22:55:01zdeaner

I have been seeing thses pick all over the web, but there is no owner. I was wondering if these pictures can make it to the web, why can't these pics make it to the White House? Who tooks these pics and are they going to deliver these pics to the people who REALLY needs to see them. I don't see a fence... If there is a known problem in this area... where are the funds to fix this problem? These people need to be stopped. They need to stop sending dollars out of the US. If you work here, monies should STAY here. Matter of fact, stop working here, stop getting free medical attention.... JUST STOP