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Elect John Shadegg2006-01-25 08:40:55deborah

DEAR REPUBLICANS in the U.S. House of Representatives, you ought to elect John Shadegg of Arizona as the new House majority leader. It is because your house needs cleaning -- because so many key principles again need to be honored after years of neglect -- that the House GOP ought to make as clean a break as possible from the leadership team that let the institution go astray. See media coverage of Roy Blunt at:

Any Takers?2005-12-09 16:26:40kandu

State and national Democratic organizations are woefully unwilling to put their money into a 7th District race against Blunt. This has been proven over and over again. Krieder has said the only way he'd consider a run against Blunt would be for someone to hand him a check for a cool million. This is what's so pathetically wrong with our political system!

Support Kreider for Congress2005-12-09 14:43:21webdeb

A “Draft Kreider” Banner has been placed in the yard on a major road in Springfield, Missouri just south of Grand on National. To order a sign for your yard or city, please e-mail us. The banner, painted plywood, and metal stakes require a $200 contribution. If we receive your donation, we will help install your sign. ALSO---you can print off flyers by going to