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Wage haters should watch \\\2008-11-22 08:41:22mambo

Wage haters should watch \\\"WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR\\\", a documentary. Hey Harward, while I am sure we can all rally around the notion of spleen splitting hatred for anyone making more than you do and god forbid, more than a liberal professor type, I submit that Detroits downfall was not because of wage earners. Before I get to the real issue maybe Harward\\\'s hatred of wage earners could be mollified if GM offered free college education to all wage earners they employ with the stipulation that if the wage earner obtained a PhD or two GM would pay 100 percent of the cost of that education. Harward happy now? Hmmmmmmmmm......The soothsayer in me is telling me that Harward is also soothed by a lively banjo duo occasionally. The line worker/wage earner had nothing to do with GM management colluding with Big Oil to quash electric cars in the late nineties and continue to produce petroluem guzzling rods that now nobody wants. Big Oil and speculators have screwed us all with confiscatory pricing that had nothing to do with supply and demand and then screwed their previous partnership with the Big 3. Perfectly good and popular plug-in electric cars, EV-1s, were produced and leased in Calif to great popularity and when recalled and crushed by GM there was still a waiting list of buyers at dealers. The leases were writtin to not allow the person leasing to car to buy it back at the end of the lease. GM took back hundreds and crushed them. Why? Well Mr. Fox news watcher and Limbaugh listener, it was not because of the wage earner who built them. The oil companies noticed that in about 100,000 miles there was nothing to do to these vehicles save installing new tires and brakes when needed. Then there would be a battery replacement but none of the petroleum related aftermarket servicing and repairs. Hey, if I were Big Oil making billions I would certainly try to work with the auto maker who was producing this offending vehicle and make certain it did not get into widespread production and use. I suggest Harward do a little more research before putting foot in mouth. Try turning off Fox and Limbaugh and maybe spend some quality time with the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute\\\'s 2009 annual \\\"Pretty in Mink\\\" calendar of conservative women.