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Outside tour of RES is on tap2004-06-01 13:39:11mariwinn

Apparently, your comments are a bit misleading. We just have been reassured that Don Sanders will conduct a tour around the outside of the plant as scheduled for June 9. Paul Halberstadt, VP of technical services for RES will conduct a technical session at 10 a.m. on June 10. Sanders also will present a lecture in the Holiday Inn's conference room and include photos of the operation.
Updated: 2004-06-01 12:39:56

Updated: 2004-06-01 12:48:04

RES not part of tours2004-05-18 14:14:25jgelfand

Your paper has incorrectly reported that our client, Renewable Environmental Solutions in Carthage, MO, will be conducting tours of their plant as part of the recycling conference in June. RES will be conducting a presentation but will NOT being conducting plant tours. Conference participants will NOT be admitted to the plant, which is an operating oil refinery. We must request that a correction be published ASAP.