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Idea2006-05-07 17:30:47handyman

Mexicans come here to work? Then put the ileagles on road gangs and let them work. At least that way taxpayers get their moneys worth for supporting 6 children and a wife.

Supporting illegals with tax dollars2006-05-03 23:56:11n99nt

Living here in Tucson, I see firsthand that the inmates are running the asylum. However...the May Day 'Celebration' did not prove to be so damaging here. Some of the Mexican businesses in town did close, but traffic remained the same; the stores seemed no different to me. I shopped specifically on this day, and the nice part was that I only heard Spanish spoken in one store. Last week a pickup truck rolled while trying to elude the border patrol. After the accident, it was determined that 27 illegals were in the truck. 5 died and 18 were life-flighted to area hospitals. I guess the other 4 fared better, but guess who picked up the tab for the air travel and emergency care. Thas' right, friend, you and me. They don't ask them for their insurance card...It is deadly serious and the idiots in D.C. had better wake up and smell the coffee.

American Hispanic favors immigration reform2006-04-29 21:35:19jhreza

I can almost assure you that everyone who is a true American was sickened when multitudes of protesters were seen carrying Mexican flags protesting the new Immigration Reform Bill in the Senate. This display of Mexican flags should give everyone a heads up on where these protesters' allegiance lies. Their hearts are in Mexico and their bellies are in the United States. As an American of Mexican Heritage I want to set the record straight; American Hispanics are not all thrilled with illegal immigration.