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stem cell2006-10-29 23:56:55mack

After having read the amendment, and reading each sides views on the amendment, I cannot endorse this proposal to our constitution. I read that it bans human cloning. Then I read where it clones in a test tube and will make sure to destroy the blastocyst after 14 days, not counting the time it spends in the freezer. This is the same thing they did when they cloned Dolly the sheep. So how is it not cloning? Even Michael J Fox said he is against cloning and egg farming, yet how else are the going to get the eggs to do this research? From what I understand, feminists hate the idea of this being done, so will we see a cross-section of people banding together to stop this? An interesting measure, but it doesn't seem to be very well written when a lay person such as myself can see the fallacy in the wording.