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Oh Please...2008-11-17 16:18:23trip

Leave it to the Blunt press to try and prove their case from a sad line out of context. The emails turned over only supported Eckersley's claim of wrongful firing and defemation! The "issue" began back when Eckersley noticed wrongdoing, attempted to notify his superiors, and got berated and locked out of his office the next day! The trouble came when Blunt and his team threatened Eckersley and his family with FALSE and DEFAMING allegations to try and shut him up. Thank goodness Eckersley had the guts to not be bullied when the lies started flying. Check your archives: every allegation they shot at him was shot down with clear-cut honest proof. Those emails may not mirror the lawsuits brought against the governor and his staff, but they sure do a lot to support Eckersley's claims while casting severe doubt on the story Blunt has been telling. They outright PROVE deciet in the office and discredit Blunt's ever-changing explaination of Eckersley's unlawful termination. Sorry Robinson, there's no way you're gonna deny your way out of this one.