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OH PLEASE!!!2008-11-18 21:17:32trip

Do you really think your best argument lies in the semantics Robinson? Hope it holds up when Eck takes you to the cleaners. Thanks for trying to shield us from the ugliness of this case with the diversion attempt governor--but please don't assume we can't read the truth in black and white for ourselves. Hate to burst your bubble, but writing TRUE or FALSE in front of a statement won't actually make it so. Especially if it's pointing to undisputed fact. Does Blunt actually think that telling a new story one day will somehow magically erase the 14 months of smear campaigns, unlawful actions, incriminating statements, and dodging tactics that led up to this unsupported "truth check?" Your hack job team of spinners give NO credit to the general public's ability to pick a liar out of a line up of two... Eckersley has been consistent, straightforward, and steady in the search for the truth--an attitude that comes with having nothing to hide and the solid truth on your side--while Blunt's entire team has been sent scrambling: looking for the point of INVENTING refute the charges against them...When all else fails: DENY, DENY, DENY! Blunt's the one sweating here--and his outrageous attempt to make liars out of the reporting media is the latest insult to our intellegence.