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Communism at its best2013-07-30 22:02:37johnboy

I was taken out during this atrocity against our 4th ammendment. All I can say is officer Davis with the JPD acted in a professional manner and luckily I was allowed to go on home, after I was removed from my car, made to watch a finger go from left to right, walk a straight line to and fro, balance on one foot while I count by one thousands and then after all of that blow well below the legal limit not once, not twice, not three times, not four times but five times in a row. I think the public should be able to get which ever officers think that the people that are intoxicated and that are pulled out of their cars a card with that officers name, address, what they drive. And we can stop by once a month about 1 am in the morning and go through their wallet, wifes panty drawer and what not, just to make sure everything is ok. Seems fair, or the cops could be at the bars or where ever offering to give free rides home to the members of the community that they were hired to protect and serve instead of basically doing highway robbery, for lawyers?, these Sr22 insurance companies?, these state funded rehab classes?, who are these officers trying to really help? The people of the community? Or lawyers, special interest places life the ozark center? Or are they getting some kind of thrill from ruining peoples lives? I did see 3 other young men get arrested while I was jumping through hoops for someone with a little authority of whom I didn't know from Adam. They will probably spend between the three of them upwards of $15000 on legal fee's for whatever they were arrested for, I am so thankful that I was able to travel on to the house that night. Scary stuff I tell all of ya.