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One-Man Decision, NOT a Court2007-09-19 23:55:04gotownus

A court hasn't changed the definition of an "adult" in this case, but the boy was unjustly "certified as an adult" by one man, a retiring Circuit Court Judge Crawford, and that "certification" was unfairly upheld by one man, Circuit Court David Mouten. Let us pray that justice will prevail and our Missouri Supreme Court will overturn this error and restore Thomas White's constitutional rights. No child is ever an adult while a child, and never should any boy's life be ruined by one adult's ruling. One has to wonder if Judge Mouten had a troubled child who made such a mistake . . . would his decision would have been the same? It likely would have been much different.

Courts change definition of an "adult"2007-08-12 21:40:09fdwdew

If Thomas Gregory White is an adult, then we have no use for the Juvenile Court System. I at 75 consider this child as yet to be a baby, just a whisper of my lifetime. What kind of a line can be drawn for what is a child and what is an adult? At one time it was considered that as soon as you were 21 you were expected to except resposibility for yourself. But I guess that it just shows how far this country has lowered its morals. I still do judge an adult by his responsibility in life. Evidently, the court system has changed the definition of an adult. Can we now draft these young children to fight for our country now as Africa has???