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Sir Arthur C. Clarke's passing mourned2008-03-21 14:08:29rwagner

The following is an excerpt of a letter to the International Dark-Sky Association from Sir Arthur C. Clarke, author of "2001: A Space Odyssey," published in the IDA Newsletter, December 2001, Issue #48: "Light pollution is essentially a phenomenon that emerged during the 20th century, thanks to the spread of urbanization and electrification. In just a few decades, it has become a major problem that prevents millions of people from accessing clear night skies. Is it not a tragedy that our children and grandchildren cannot enjoy the night sky the way our forefathers have looked at it with awe and interest for thousands of years? I have been a keen amateur astronomer for most of my life, and little did I imagine that someday I would be part of a crusade to preserve the wilderness of the sky that I took for granted in my youth. Yet it is not too late to save our skies: we can achieve this through heightened awareness, correct planning, and appropriate use of lighting technology. Your active participation and campaigning with the IDA can help ensure that the nights are restored to what they ought to be in as many locations as possible. All good wishes, Sir Arthur C. Clarke" (1918-2008)
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