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Quoting from the Bible or real life2010-07-05 08:55:01mariwinn

NPR reports a different trend than what Pastor Steve is advocating. In NPR's "Changing Institution of Marriage" series, "Newly Wed in America" by Katia Riddle (July 4, 2010/All Things Considered) "kids first, marriage later--if ever" is being considered. Riddle documents how in one St. Louis community the idea of getting married and having children--in that order-- as is headlined, "seems quaint." Pastor Steve seems to be correct when he says the parents set the standards for their kids. Unfortunately, divorce was one of those standards set. Not marrying--especially if the only excuse is to raise a child--apparently is a way to bring divorce rates to their lowest level. The other is to form a domestic partnership instead. What is this saying? Could it be that the Bible is losing its hold on many young people? Could it be that too many pastors preach one thing and practice another? To read or hear the NPR article go to: