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Fair Tax2005-01-12 16:53:18august

Sarah : We know that you probably mean well however it's quite apparent that you need to do further research on the subject. I suggest that you join the forum where you can view the questions asked by others and the answers provided by those that know the answers. go to and join in or simply observe . I've been in business for 44 years and now semi-retired. I have no tax liabilities nor any deferred income to protect thus no alterial motives. My concern and the reason I support the Fair Tax is for others who are abused by the current system. The idea of downsizing the Government which will benefit everyone is way past due . As a business person I can tell you that indeed we will see the retail costs to the consumer greatly reduced when the embedded taxes at all levels are removed. My competition would take me to the cleaners if I didn't . You expressed a concern that the small mom and pop stores would skim the sales tax collections . They would be subject to audit and harsh penalties . It's not rampant with State sales taxes so why would that be prevailent ? There are fewer businesses to audit than individual taxpayers . It isn't that much of a problem for States that have sales taxes now so I can't see where it would be a major problem. Your concern should be the present underground economy that evades an estimated one trillion in tax under the present system . You also implied that everyone would want to become a " business " so they would be exempt ?? Their exemption would only apply for goods purchased for " resale " . The tax would apply to the end user therefore they would pay the tax on equipment , tools, supplies or anything pulled from their inventory as the are the " end user " just like they have to do with their State sales taxes now . The biggest winners would be those near or below the poverty level . The middle class would gain more in tax savings than thier Interest and charity deduction provide . The Fair Tax is an idea decades behind . Again , I ask you to join the forum and you'll be enlightened . It's a pleasant forum void of flaming , etc . James Hanlon Redding, Ca