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PAC money and the FairTax2005-01-11 19:07:17sfindley

Mr. Melton, funny that you should suggest I do research before commenting on the FairTax proposals. I followed the FairTax supporters' advice and read what was presented on the FairTax website--some of which, by the way, appears to be be outdated. (Ireland, for instance, is in the European Union.) So, what motivated me to write a commentary was not what you suggested: "a summary of or collegues idea of the bill who, likewise, has not adequately researched it." Instead of attacking me personally, why haven't you answered some of the questions that I specifically raised? I'm open to hearing any reasonable answers you may have, especially regarding why you think big business would pass along a tax savings by reducing the cost of buying its goods...and "because they will" is not a good answer. It seems curious to me that big business money was used to fund the "research" behind your organization, Americans for (theoretically) Fair Taxation.

In defense of our contributor2005-01-11 14:31:02mariwinn

We tried to contact those names on Mr. Melton's list. However, we have not received a reply to our email requests for more info regarding their positions on the FairTax. The website "Texans for FairTax" reveals that all these names are of people supported by a large sum of money--$4.5 million--donated to them in 1994 by three Houston businessmen who went on to raise an additional $17 million to add to the initial contribution.....Just how this huge sum of money was used is not clear. In defense of Ms. Findley and ourselves, we see no justification for Melton's personal attacks. Like many of our contributors, she is not a reporter but merely a citizen and taxpayer who wished to express her concern about the FairTax proposal.

Sarah, do your research2005-01-11 13:51:57fair

I would like to comment on the article written by Sarah Findley. I would also ask that you research the issues before you comment on a large and inportant piece of legislation as Bill H.R. 25 commonly known as The FairTax. It is clear to all of your readers that you have not read the Bill and that you (Sarah) have no idea of what you talking about. One would think that a writer or columnist would be as informed as possible and make your commments on fact rather than perhaps reading a summary or collegues idea of the bill who, likewise, has not adequately researched it, for you basis of comment. Unlike the T.V. reporters that are losing credibility and interest in their biased opinion, todays readers on the internet are coming to the internet for their accurate and unbiased news. Mrs. Sarah Findley if you want to be credible, believable and readable you must do more research on your subjects. I have never read any of your commentaries prior to this piece and may not read any more as I can clearly see that you are uneducated and not worth the time. I would like to take this opportunity to ask the Joplin Independent to screen the people that submit commentaries on subjects that they have no experience in and subjects that the reporter has not researched for more than one minute. I am not a reporter or a columnist and I have no experience in that field, but I do have experience with the FairTax and I know that this Law will be much better for America than our current Income tax system or any other reform tax system on the table and most of what Sarah reported in her column is incorrect. Summary Brief on Americans for Fair Taxation Americans for Fair Taxation is a 501c(4) non-profit, non-partisan organization headquartered in Houston, Texas with an office in Washington, D.C. Since it was founded in 1995, Americans for Fair Taxation has grown to become the largest tax reform organization in the United States with over 400,000 supporters and members. Americans for Fair Taxation advocates the elimination of the current income tax code and proposes to replace it with the FairTax, a single-rate federal consumption tax collected only once, at the final point of purchase for personal consumption. The FairTax offers long-needed tax relief to all Americans, while eliminating the income tax and allowing Americans to keep 100% of their paychecks. The FairTax is the only tax reform proposal which "untaxes" the poor and allows wage earners to keep 100% of their paycheck while still funding all existing government programs. The FairTax will dramatically reduce prices, protect and ensure funding of Social Security and Medicare, empower low-income earners, and put choice and control back into the hands of every American. Americans for Fair Taxation has conducted extensive policy research, and it has commissioned a variety of research papers about the economic impact of the FairTax on various sectors of industry and on individual taxpayers. The FairTax has often been referred to as "the most thoroughly researched and the most viable alternative to the current tax system." The following individuals, along with their affiliated institutions and universities, have been involved in researching the FairTax proposal to determine the impact of the FairTax on the economy, businesses, and individual taxpayers: Dr. Dale Jorgenson, Chairman of the Economics Depart., Harvard University; Joseph Kahn, Decision and Ethics Department, Stanford University; Larry Kotlikoff, Boston University; George Zodrow, Chairman of the Economics Department, Rice University; Jim Poterba, MIT; Steve Moore, The Cato Institute; Bill Beach, The Heritage Foundation; and David Burton and Dan Mastromarco,The Argus Group. The acceptance of the FairTax as a necessary and viable replacement for the current tax system is further evidenced by the formal endorsements of such notable and respected organizations as the Associated General Contractors of America, The American Farm Bureau Federation, and National Small Business United, among many others. Larry Melton, District Director Mo.7th
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