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Illegal Aliens get access to Stimulus2009-02-14 19:04:47casca

STIMULUS WILL SUPPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS! DEMOCRATS DUMP E-VERIFY BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. SO NO OVERSIGHT IN STIMULUS BILL! THIS GIVES THE GO-AHEAD FOR ILLEGAL ALIEN WORKERS TO STEAL AMERICAN JOBS? HOW MANY HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS COULD BE SAVED, IF TAXPAYERS WERE NOT FORCED TO PAY FOR EDUCATION, HEALTH CARE AND OTHER GOVERNMENT BENEFITS, INCLUDING AN OVERCROWDED PRISON SYSTEM. ALL THIS TO BENEFIT PREDATORY BUSINESSES WHO HIRE ILLEGAL ALIENS OVER AMERICANS. Thought this was the whole point of the Stimulus package, to get unemployed legal workers on the job. Not another magnet for jobs in new construction and other work for millions of illegal aliens. The mandatory Federal law with a 99.6 success rate would have halted illegal aliens stealing work from AMERICAN WORKERS. We must thank Speaker Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid who are obviously in collusion with SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS to kill this amendment. Tell the Democratic politicians what you think and demand E-Verify be made a mandate! Jam the Washington Switchboard with your angry voices: (202) 224-3121 Don't give up on the phone call or go to your Senator or Congressman website. Other honest information at JUDICIALWATCH, NUMBERSUSA, AMERICANPATROL & CAPSWEB.