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Pretty damn scary!2009-02-16 17:02:23n99nt

The idea of a socialist society scares the hell out of me (see Newsweek for 2/16/09) because I believe in capitalism. It has not failed. Our blundering idiots in D.C. have failed us, and there's enough blame to go around for both parties. Dubya [and McCain?] tried to get Congress motivated to investigate Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae but Barney the *** assured us that all was well. As did Chris Dodd and Maxine Waters. Now do you 'spose they were wrong??? Do you see any of these folk standing up and saying, mea culpa? Not in this lifetime. And this hulking bailout bill that nobody had time to read that had to be passed by the two Houses or the sky would fall...well, the Messiah left town and it languishes on his desk awaiting his return on the morrow. What a load of crap he has sold us all. And now, to add insult to injuries, South Carolina"s Lindsey "Goober" Graham, supposedly a Republican, says all the banks should be nationalized. Great idea...not! And did you see that Illinois' Rep. Natch Greyes is sponsoring H.R. 34 to restrict gun sales by tying applications in with health records. Just so happens that he's a former (reformed, of course) Black Panther. I don't recognize my country anymore.