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A great bunch of folks2009-04-16 20:20:39docfleck

Nice reporting job, "Bravo." And, please let me add that I've had the pleasure of meeting most of this group's members. They're a great bunch of folks. Joplin can feel lucky to have them. Randall "Doc" Fleck Fayetteville, Arkansas

Thank You2009-04-16 10:26:27hermit1

I too want to express my gratitude for placing our Joplin Freethinkers article in your paper. As one of the members on the forum I would also invite those of the community to come see what we are doing and are all about.

Thank You!2009-04-16 09:37:39shellkno

As a member of Joplin Freethinkers I want to thank Joplin Independent for posting our information on your calendar. We are not exactly a mainstream group so getting exposure through your website is greatly appreciated. Join our forum discussions:
Updated: 2009-04-16 09:49:36