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Voting for Gov. Blunt ...2005-02-11 19:32:59chiefh

What can I say, Seth? I could of course say I told ya so! But I won't do that to ya...But, I did! Matt is a chip off the ol' block and a blind follower of Party Leaders...a REAL LIVING BUSHITE!
Updated: 2005-02-11 07:41:37

Voting for Gov. Blunt was a mistake2005-02-10 10:56:09poppie

I can not believe Gov. Blunt's idea of what qualifies as a minimum amount to qualify as a Medicaid recipient. He actually expects some people to live on what he would spend on a good pair of shoes...and then afford private insurance for themselves. I am sorry to say, I did vote for him as well as begging several of my friends and family to do so. When he said there would be no cuts to healthcare, unfortunalely we believed he was telling the truth, that he was not like all the other politicians lying to get elected. It seems we were all taken in. Less than 48 hours after he was sworn in, he changed the rules and became just another lying politician. Is there not an honest politician?...certainly doesn't seem so. Call your rep.and let's put an end to this. Please! Thousands of poor Missourians who have no voice depend upon you.