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Agreed2005-02-19 00:29:59aielam

I was going to post a long discussion about what I think Christians need to do to solve the problem addressed in this article. I won't do that, since I don't want to offend Christians too much. (I am a devoted Christian, by the way.) I see plenty of problems with the church. I see problems with he way Christians treat homosexuals. Suffice it to say that I fully agree with this article, as a Christian, and i think we need to rethink our priorities. When I see a person I think might be homosexual, or someone who's been divorced, it doesn't matter. I just see regular people, just like me, and I love them. I think Christians try to do this consistantly, but it seems that we don't do it very well most of the time. I wish it could be different. I hope to make a difference. In the meantime, I just follow Christ's example and love people, regardless of their sexual past. I hope that's ok.