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prolife?2005-06-20 16:54:53pkirkman

I notice your definition of life extends only to human beings,'I reject the idea that it is prolife to destroy any human being) and your definition of a human being includes complex organisms or tissue, so I assume you would include sperm cells as human beings. Soon we will declare the twinkle in a daddy's eye has a right to life. I assume since you refuse to destroy human life that you are a pacifist and opposed to capital punishment as well, or are human embryo's the only complex organisms worthy of your charity? The embryos are better disposed of than used for research, in your thinking? Then maybe your problem isn't with destruction of life, which will happen regardless, but with the unspoken fear many have of embryos being produced specifically for research. That and cloning has replaced UFO's as the lunatic fringe's worst nightmare.

Only adult stem cell research is prolife2005-06-12 09:46:08fiona

Stem cell research is prolife only if the stem cells are taken from umbilical cord or adult stem cells This is a reply to sjackson's comments "stem cell research is prolife" which was written on 12th June 2005, and says that prolifers should support embryonic stem cell research because it will lead to cures. I am prolife and I reject the idea that it is prolife to destroy any human being, even to cure another human being. If I was killed right now I could probably save many people's lives (one could have my heart, and another my lungs, and blood etc) but that wouldn't be justified because killing a human being is wrong. Sjackson's description of "large complex organisms (otherwise known as people)" underestimates the complexity of even the very early embryo, which is a complex organism which we all once were. It is also wrong to claim that embryonic stem cells will lead to cures as to date they haven't been used in any treatments and face massive obstacles including tissue rejection, and tumour formation as cells taken from embryos want to become all the cells of the body and grow out of control. In contrast, adult stem cells and umbilical cord stem cells are already being used in treatment. see So sjackson is right "stem cell research is prolife" but only if that phrase is prefixed by "adult" stem cell research because adult stem cells can save life without the destruction of life.