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Medicaid2005-06-17 17:34:21grannie

Lowering such Medicaid requirements will only increase people at the poverty level. One trip to the hospital can ruin a single mom financially. I think that new tv show, "For 30 days" is good; I vote that Mr Blunt live for 30 days on the previous thread's monthly income, and let her live for 30 days on his. Denying people access to reasonable medical treatment is dangerous. People don't go to the doctor until it's too late and death or permanent disability occurs. I used to be an eligiblity worker and I would see moms quitting their jobs, going on welfare, just because their kid broke an arm. They couldn't pay for the medical, and would be stuck with collection payments that prevented them from having good credit to buy cars rent homes, etc. It was easier to live poor and have bills paid then try and work and get further in the hole. Yes, Mr Blunt, what would Jesus do?
Updated: 2005-06-17 07:05:28