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Medicaid Cuts & Gov. Blunt2005-06-16 16:16:57smiley

I am a divorced mother of 3. My children have medicaid, and guess what-they might be losing it. I have $200 a month to spend on groceries for family. That is not very much. I work full-time and between $400/mo for daycare, $300/mo for rent and $200/mo groceries, I have nothing left. It just makes me sick that he cuts all this funding for medicaid, but is going to spend over $1 million to renovate the mansion. I just want to own my own house and have enough money to buy groceries and he is spending that much money?? That's ridiculous. I checked with my employer to see how much insurance would be for my children---$563 a month!!!! There goes my rent and grocery money. I'd like to see him live a week in my shoes. He wouldn't last a day.