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heartwarming2005-08-02 01:34:02pkirkman

Sure, you say you are for private charity at the same time you say not one penny more. I know a guy who is a Vietnam Vet who's dying of cancer that got his Medicaid cut. The VA pays for non-emergency care only. The next time he gets sick, can he stay with you, Tammy? I didn't think so. People like you don't want to be bothered. He gave everything for his country; you would step over him on your way to the mall. By the way--Governor Blunt isn't going to give you back any of the money that used to be spent on Medicaid: he's taking your money and spending it on other things. Missourians can definitely afford Medicaid; it's just that some selfish people have other things they want to buy.

Charity should be private2005-07-06 08:12:02tammy

Charity is not the job of government. Jesus never said to elect people that would rob your neighbors to give yourself "free" medical care etc...... Take a look at your paycheck, see how much the government takes from you every week, especially the social security and medicare rip off. How much gas tax do you pay for each gallon of gas? How much of the price of the products you purchase is due to the taxes that businesses pay? How much of the cost of medical care is due to government over-regulation? How much of the cost of everything is due ot government over-regulation. Our country was a lot better off when the people didn't believe that the government is their savior, provider, etc...... By the way, this family of ten, lives on one paycheck of $400 per week, before taxes, and we get along without any government provision. So don't write in and tell me to live in your shoes for a week. I already do.