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Join me in voting yes on Prop C2010-07-30 09:16:14e-emery

Oppose the new slavery. Vote "yes" on Prop C! The Health Care Freedom Act gives Missourians an opportunity to express their views on being forced into government defined health care products. A yes-vote on Prop C tells Washington, DC "no" to government mandates and fines. A "yes" vote on Prop C preserves your present right to keep your own health insurance plan or choose any other private plan or no plan without being penalized by the federal government for that choice. It also leaves Missourians free to select the government plan if they like. [Everybody benefits!]

I support prop c2010-07-20 09:22:11liberty

Requiring everyone to purchase insurance is unconstitutional. If we don't stand up for our rights, our rights will be trampled on. I support prop c.

Kudos2010-07-19 23:26:41majic

Kudos to the Libertarian party for promoting Liberty and being consistant in their message. This is a statement that needs to be echoed by every individual and politician who believes in the theory of Freedom. When will people realize that the government can't fix the problems with healthcare; government is the problem with healthcare. Nothing can correct our healthcare problems other than Free markets. Not government regulated markets; but free markets doing the will of Free people...

Nay-sayers2010-07-19 23:17:45kevin

Do those who say Prop C. will "have no effect" offer anything that WILL have an effect? Or are they the same people who do nothing and say nothing every time government redistributes wealth from those who work to produce it to those who lobby for it?

Forced Healthcare is Harmful.2010-07-19 23:00:58thomash2

Forced healthcare is harmful to the individual rather than helpful. True reform of the medical industry should never require subsidizing the insurance companies or any part of said industry. Instead, it should be decided by individuals making their own decisions in life.

Prop C 2010-07-19 18:41:49vandeven

Prop C will be a definitive line in the sand drawn by the people of Missouri in opposition to the unconstitutional federal health care mandate. One critism that I often hear is that Prop C will "have no effect". This is incorrect as three states already have some form of obamacare nullification already, with 41 other states either proposing, or placing nullification on their ballots. Most people haven't heard of the Real ID Act. Nullification is the reason for that.