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Opinions lead to better conclusions2008-05-01 10:29:50staff

Readers, such as you, have a choice of agreeing or disagreeing, such as you, with what is posted. Obviously, that is the reason behind a Forum. Thanks for your comments. We don't agree with everything we post. Sometimes we post it if we think it spurs controversy.

One sided 'article'2008-04-30 18:05:15scottmus

How can any readers not agree with MADD with such a one-sided press release masquerading as an article? The game does not require or make anyone drive drunk. And as the other thread says, if you do drive drunk, it gives you some realistic consequences for doing so (with a sense of humor of course). MADD should embrace this game as it will rpobably more effectively communicate these consequences to today's youth than any public service announcement on an after school special! MADD may be like a lot of other media commentators out there who have a lot to say about these games, without having ever actually played a second of them. It might be helpful to your readers to have other viewpoints in the article, rather than just one-sided, specially since you list all the links that MADD provided for people to protest to retailers. Or just make it an editorial instead of a story.
Updated: 2008-04-30 06:13:32