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And boaters beware...2008-07-03 16:22:38staff

And boaters be warned. With the passage of House Bill 1715 sponsored by Rep. Rodney Schad the legal intoxication limit for boating operators has been made consistent with on the road drivers. It has been lowered from .1 of one percent to .08 of one percent. The law also specifies that anyone who causes a death while boating under the influence will be guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

New law to keep drunk drivers off the road2008-07-03 12:49:17staff

Included in Senate Bill 930 sponsored by Sen. Bill Stouffer and recently signed into law by Gov. Matt Blunt is the shift in responsibility for mandating interlock devices from the courts to the Department of Revenue. To re-gain their driving privileges from the DOR, convicted drunk drivers must use an ignition interlock device. The legislation addresses the court's leniency in calling for interlock devices. Statistics from the governor's staff show that in 2005 3,163 drivers were convicted of second and subsequent drunk driving offenses while only 614 (about 19 percent) were required by the courts to install the interlocks.