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Somoza2009-02-03 09:10:57gian

The things that she said about Somoza were NOT true. Somoza was a benevolent dictator and Nicaragua prospered under the Somoza Dictatorship.

Lend an intelligent hand2009-02-02 11:41:22nicarose

I'm not sure why both of your comments display an assumption that I am defending "Nicaraguan poverty". I am defending Nicaraguans as being happy and prideful people who live in difficult situations, yes, but that doesn't mean they deserve our pity, which is what this article and your comments imply. And the fact that I am responding to this article is because I do care about Nicaragua and one of the most important things we can do to help Nicaraguan is to stop looking at them as people who we should feel sorry for. How about we understand and learn from them? How about we understand how our foreign policy affects them? Lets do that before we get all sad about it and go on a "mission" trip to bring peace to the world and then come back and write about how brave we are for having gone there, while just reinforcing ignorant viewpoints on American superiority and third world inferiority.

Lend a hand2009-02-02 11:01:55ma-earth

My comments are based upon my well-seasoned observations. You seem to have a lot of time on your hands. I'm sure there are many Nicas who would appreciate your contributions other than in defense of their poverty.

More of the same2009-02-02 10:52:16nicarose

So now we should congratulate her for going to Nicaragua just because she didn't take a vacation to Cancun and lay on the beach all week? Just her very presence there is an excuse for ignorant and superficial observations? I also think she was honest in her reflections, I just think they are ignorant reflections and exhibit an underlying attitude of American superiority. Just as your comments do as well. How do you know that many Nicaraguans in the country would give anything to have the life we live in the US? This just continues to demonstrate the point I am making about Americans assuming that their lifesyles are better than what they see in other countries. And, FYI, the women who wear 3 inch heals are not just limited to affluent women in Nicaragua. While I understand there is a huge gap in wealth distribution in Nicaragua, if you go and live in some of the poorer neighborhoods you will still see women wearing high heels when they go grocery shopping. And, they will be freshly bathed, (even if it is with a "gasp" bucket shower, which btw gets you equally as clean) and they will have their hair freshly combed and braided and if they have electricity, they most often have an iron and their clothes will also be ironed. This is all inspite of their humble economic sttus. It is a matter of pride. American wear their dirty clothes when they go to Nicaragua. Things they don't care about if they get ruined. Nicaraguans are proud of themselves and wear their best clothes, even if they are hand made and have been worn for several years.

Keep the women barefoot and pregnant2009-02-02 09:41:29ma-earth

The comments that I'm reading about the student who wrote her impressions on her brief encounter with Nicaraguan life seem more than a bit harsh. I don't think that Nicaragua is on the top of most travelers' vacation lists. And I do think that she presented an honest assessment of the people in the areas that she visited. Nicas by nature may be happy go lucky, uncomplaining people but I'm sure the ones confined to outlying areas would give anything to live the life that sadly many Americans--and, perhaps, also the ones described as wearing "3-inch heels"--take forgranted Perhaps, the critics shouldn't so easily look the other way regarding the abject poverty in the country.
Updated: 2009-02-02 09:42:13