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Life in Nicaragua2009-02-01 14:20:24nicama

This post was full of inaccuracies and left a very slanted picture of Nicaragua. First, Courtney, haven't you heard of insect repellent? Second, There have been "white people" in Nica for centuries, so if the child was afraid, it was of strangers or the "giant", not of "white people". Third, many cities in Nicaragua DO have street names and house numbers, but tiny remote villages do not. As for Nicaragua being a "sad" country, I strongly disagree. Like the thousands of other "white people" (North Americans and Europeans) who live here, I do not find Nicas to be sad at all, despite the poverty and hardships. Yes, Nicaragua is very different from San Diego or Joplin in superficial ways, but people are similar all over the world. Too bad Courtney didn't see that. I hope no one else is discouraged from coming here by her rather shallow assessment of this country and its people.