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USA is a sad country2009-02-01 17:08:30nicarose

I consider your superficiality in your experience in Nicaragua sadder than anything I have ever experienced in all of my time spent in Nicaragua. How unfortunate that Americans go to other countries that are different from their own with a built in sense of superiority on how their lifestyle is good and other peoples lives are "sad." I know many people from Nicaragua, Mexico and other Latin American countries who are living in the US and they consider THIS country to be a sad place. They long for their wonderful, tropical countries full of music and laughter. It is so ridiculous that you thought that where you were the people had never seen white people before. I have traveled all over Nicaragua and, especially along the pacific coast where you were, there have been North Americans and Europeans there for centuries. I shared that with my husband, who is a real live Nicaraguan, and he thought that was the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard of. It is so annoying to hear Americans going to places like Nicaragua and thinking that they are going to some unexplored savage place. I see tourists wearing hiking boots in places where the Nicaraguan women are wearing 3 inch heels. What a shame that you went in to the experience with an attitude of superiority and you went to see all of the poor brown people and came back self satisfied that you did something to help the ignorant natives. What a typical American viewpoint. How sad.