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rationalizing hunger2009-07-02 16:24:34philbz

The preposterous justifications to rationalize children going hungry, flies in the face of pentagon weapons programs and lobbiests' successful efforts for tax dollars. Programs and projects, some of which will never be utilized, no bid contracts that will never be scrutinized are obviously better places to trim gov waste. The per diem afforded to that legislator for food when legislating is afforded without thought of "motivation". Would recinding her per diem "motivate" her into understanding what it's like to a child when he/she needs something to eat? There are more people having a hard time now than since the depression. If that's the best she can do to "help" Mo., she should take an early retirement.

Summer feeding programs ARE needed2009-07-01 15:33:10rgorham

The collaboration of public-private partnerships makes a difference. In continuing to see the impact that the economy is having on people with budgets stretched thin the Walmart Foundation is committed to supporting summer feeding programs across the US as well as donating food. Boys & Girls Clubs of Joplin, 317 Comingo, is one of 350 local BGCA clubs receiving assistance from the foundation in the form of a $3,000 grant to provide wholesome meals and snacks to children who have qualified for free or reduced-priced lunches during the school year and who otherwise would go without food over the summer. The club's summer hours are 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday thru Friday. Phone (417) 623-8072 for more information about the summer programs.