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Cantor's contempt extolled2011-06-15 14:20:33mdblock

Rep. Eric Cantor insists that emergency funds to help Missouri residents affected by deadly tornadoes should be paid with cuts elsewhere. O.K. Ten million American tax dollars a day are extorted for Israel. Let's cut those funds for Israel and give those tax dollars to the American people in Missouri and across this country who have experience devastating storms and floods. Give those tax dollars to the people who earned them, the American people! In the last budget, the house largely capped domestic spending and increased aid to Israel - $205 million for an iron shield, missile defense system, and $3 billion in foreign military aid. Members of Congress breach their oath to support our Constitution by the extortion of our tax dollars to support the religious studies of over 650,000 Orthodox Jews in Israel who receive welfare which consists of American tax dollars. This violates our Constitutional separation of church and state. Among those who had Swiss bank accounts to avoid paying taxes in America were Holocaust survivors and children of Holocaust survivors. Rep. Cantor has displayed contempt for the American people.