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The truth? 2011-11-11 10:59:48 This is a letter from former mayor of kaufman Tx when the slaughter plants were still open here. Do you honestly want this in your back yard? I don't understand why we are even discussing this issue. We are already paying too many taxes and if you think this won't cost us even more, think again! Meat inspectors are paid for with YOUR tax dollar. Even if the pro people manage to get 'fee for service' inspection, the cost would be so high that it would have to be subsidized by the gov, again coming out of YOUR pocket. As far as job creations, how many of you honestly could stand over a horse and smash it in the head with a captive bolt gun and not be mentally affected by that? Each plant only has about 100 employees anyway. That doesn't help the economy when you consider most of the profits go to the foreign companies that sell the meat to foreign countries. There is no market in the US for horse meat. This nation is in serious trouble financially. We can't afford to freely give our money to other countries for them to make a profit off our hard work! If you think about it... why don't they have more plants in their own countries if they want to eat horse meat? As for the claim that advocates are all vegans, that is not true. I am a meat eater but would never consider eating horse meat. The Bible tells us in Leviticus chapter 11, not to eat horse meat. Blaming abandoned and homeless horses on the closure of the slaughter houses is just about as ridiculous as it comes. Slaughter is very much alive today. Approximately 100,000 US horses go to slaughter every yr. Many of the countries that were buying US horse meat have discovered fudged paperwork and found out that our horses receive toxic chemicals (such as Bute...banned by the FDA for use in animals intended for human consumption) and are no longer accepting meat from the US as a result. I personally am not willing to give my money to foreign companies who abuse local and gov laws. Especially considering we don't get any benefits from these companies. I also would not want to live within a 5 mile radius of one of these plants as the stench would be unreal. Think about it!