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Abolish Horse slaughter2011-11-13 09:27:53horseman

I can say to the author only a few years ago you had common sinse..Since then you have been played out by irresponsible people. Closing US slaughter houses did NOT cause the problems we are seeing. Matter of fact allowing slaughter exports is causing more problems. First Auctioneer sells are blooming because killers are buying and Auctioneers are profiting so its a conflict of interest. IF you dont believe me on this just do your research on a guy name Leroy Baker owner of SugarCreek Auction in Ohio. Leroy has been fined over $162,000 for abuse neglect and paper work violations not to mention fines related to DOT transportation violations. To date he has NOT paid a dime and continues to still operate. The same amount of horses are going to slaughter for exports so how in the world closing US plants effecting so called unwanted horse.. Its NOT business wise its more profitable to have it here in the US. being Diesel is now running about $4.00 a gallon with no relief in sight. Thus you will may see even more horses going to slaughter. NOT because of being unwanted but the amount of profits to be made it is only business common since. All you have there hands in the cookie jar of profiting have NO HISTORY of promoting to or donating to any horse rescues in the US. When I spoke to Dave Duquette about gathering funds to assist rescues he said they rather promoting business than wasting their monies on rescues. You would think the people that created these problems with over breeding such as the (AQHA) American Quarter Horse Association and others would do something but NO they rather disposed of the horses with profits and not what is right..A live horse is worth more than a dead one. It still creates jobs and taxes every day.. We grow hay and Hay is in such a demand because some follow the corn prices with Ethanol which we have NOT seen relief only high profits to the share owners. BIG business are messing America's core value..Its the little guy that makes the BIG guys. People need to contact their elected official and say NO to more taxes to fund USDA for foreigners that pay NO GROSS income taxes or export tariffs. History has been proven its NOT HUMANE NOR RIGHT for America..For more info visit ,