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Bull2011-11-10 06:01:47pacer

Let's get one thing clear. This is not a question of meat eater versus vegan. It is a question of what is humane. There is no way factory farming (which slaughtering was and will be in the United States) can be humane. It wasn't back when we allowed it; it won't be if we allow it again. The humane processing being talked about is to be done at a slaughterhouse and that requires speed. Yes, when you deal with one horse and only one horse, slaughter may be humane, but when you are dealing with assmebly line slaughtering, speed counts and you then miss the bolt shot and to keep things moving are not going to stop everything to do it right so the horse is slaughtered while alive. Owners who can't afford euthanasia have no business owning horses. What should be done is people should breed less and if you can't buy a license which goes to a euthanasia fund, you shouldn't be allowed to own a horse.