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No such thing as humane horse slaughter2011-11-11 11:27:08sky14

How would you define humane horse slaughter there is no such thing!!!! Horses deserve a life they used to be the only transportation there was. Wild horses are our heritage. They deserve a life and not on someones dinner plate sorry!!!!!

The Truth2011-11-11 09:38:41sarahb24

As someone who works at the HSUS, I want to educate people about this important issue, and comment on the misinformation about our work. First, the idea that horse processing is humane and needed is flat out incorrect. Numbers alone show this. The same number of horses are being sent to slaughter today, that were being slaughtered back when plants were open. Additionally, as an organization we support farmers and ranchers who treat their animals humanely. Our employees and supporters range from vegans to those who eat meat, because all of us want farm animals raised for food to be treated humanely. Don't take my word for it - go to our website, and see our work for yourself! While you're there, please also learn more about the common myths, like those Mr Duquette is spreading, about horse slaughter: