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Thanks, everybody...2011-11-10 22:18:44cbarritt

wonderful to see people standing up for the trueth in the horse slaughter issue...thank you...

Money Money2011-11-10 12:21:08tabatha

The line "ordinary horses are being dumped by at auctions, often at a loss to the seller after he pays the required fees" and "the values of ordinary horses falling from a floor of a dollar or more a pound to absolutely nothing." says it all!The concern is only about getting the last possible dime out of the "investment". Pro slaughter people do not care about about the horse only the money. The simple solution to all of this is for big producers like the through bred and quarter horse industries to stop breeding in such huge quantities and to ensure that they have some type of program to help place the horses after their "careers" are over. Not only do the Pro slaughter people not care about horses they care not a wit about the people who are consuming the meat from animals that receive drugs banned by the USDA, Canada and the EU from ever entering the food chain.