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communities of recovery services2013-10-09 17:27:02

OUR pastor and director Cary McKEE had gave a sermon, it the sort of bashed many religions.i live in a house with 17 guys within the recovery program. many of them had been offended, i worked with these guys several days. they decided to be baptized . I went to the office and told them how good this was. i didn't know Carry McKee was behind me., He told me to remind them that he was the one doing the baptizing.Form about day 3 in the program he told me to throw my bible away, it is the "The LIFE RECOVERY BIBLE NLT version by Tyndale it was a book of lies. on october 6th he asked me if i was willing to compare bibles so he could show mine was a lie, i agreed, He then said get the F%$# out of my house and gave me 1 hour. I would like to sit with this wimp of a man and have him prove to me GODS WORD IS wrong. I NO LONGER HAVE ANY RESPECT FOR THIS CRY BABY, BUT I DO FORGIVE HIM, AND LOVE HIM AS A MAN. FOR MAN CANT BE PERFECT, THATS WHY WE NEED JESUS. NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU HAVE BEEN HURT, JESUS ALREADY TOOK IT ON THE CROSS