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Radon and you2012-01-07 21:39:37gizmo

In regards to your article on testing for radon it is very important to know the facts. As a nationally certified Radon mitigation contractor one of the main issues we deal with on a consistent bases is lack of proper information. I felt like it would be helpful to state a few important facts about Radon. 1. If you breathe (basically if you are alive, you are breathing Radon gas). Radon gas is present in all air and in every single home (new, old, basement, crawlspace etc.) that has ever been built. The question is what is the level ? 2. The only way to know the level is to run a test. Also it is important to know that their is no safe level of Radon but at lower levels you would have to be exposed to it for a very long time before it became a issue. 3. No matter what the Radon level is in your home it is fixable and the main issue with Radon is lung cancer. Radon is listed as a class A carcinogen. Which basically means that it is known to cause cancer in humans. January is the EPA Radon action month. This is the time of year when radon is highest (Radon on average is higher during the winter then during the summer). So do yourself a favor and have your house tested for Radon. If you contact the state of Missouri health dept. you can get a free test kit sent to your home. Call the dept. of health at 1.573.751.6102 or you can go online at: fill out this form and you will get a free test kit sent to you by the state of Missouri dept. of Health. Remember.....Test for Radon, Fix if high, Save a life, It may be your own..... Jim Medley Radon Systems 4U LLC Nixa, Missouri
Updated: 2012-01-07 09:40:49