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Further explanation2012-08-20 11:17:06j-owen

I have now found the source of this. It's something Dave Cantanese wrote about me in 2006, not something I said. I think saying you have a profound respect for life is not the same thing as being pro-life.

Pro life description is redacted2012-08-20 11:12:12staff

Quote came from a reliable source but we are happy to retract it. Had Owen wanted to appeal to the ultra right but thought better of it, especially with the notoriety surrounding Rep. Todd Akin?

Retract "pro life" moniker2012-08-20 11:08:09j-owen

I have looked at the article about me and I am a little puzzled. I did not send this press release to you. I am not sure where the "pro-life" moniker came from but I would like to see this retracted. Thanks.