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Cobb is not wanted here2014-06-02 10:33:55trevor

Not wanted here in MO or anywhere else. He is a violent man. Fugitive from justice in Canada. He promotes hate of anyone that isn't like him. Of course he seems to forget that he is also 14% BLACK, not "all white" like he claims. He is coming here to stir up trouble. We don't need any additional trouble here. I understand people are allowed their own personal beliefs but when those beliefs trample on mine, we have a problem. He wants nothing but "white" people to survive. He is a monster. He was laughed out of North Dakota. The people there are also still laughing about his little minion and the extremely obese "girlfriend" which is most likely nothing more than a beard. Hell is the only place for him to live in peace.

Craig Cobb is okay2014-05-31 18:35:40mona

Mr. Cobb is not a violent man. His only crime was to react to the town people of Leith who made cruel accusations against him because he wanted to enliven a ghost town to offer sanctuary to White people who are being persecuted everywhere they go. Cobb carried a gun in public in a venue where it was legal to do so. He did this because he was getting threats against his life and property. Cobb should be welcomed back to his home state of Missouri.