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Politicians need to think beyond the box2005-02-14 13:53:47biggsrb

We must continue a responsible research effort into stem cell medical usage. At times, I think I know how Galileo felt when his scientific thoughts went contrary to Church doctrine. It is time for politicians to stop posturing for their support groups and to do what needs to be done. Stem Cell research has the potential to be the greatest medical breakthru of the ages and to simply deny it because one fears what a few rogue scientists might do is foolish. State and federal governments would be better served to fund the research and apply standards to what can be done, but WITHIN both adult and early stem cell research, for both are needed. What President Bush is doing, in my opinion, will in the future be viewed as no less silly than imprisoning Galileo. And no state should follow his lead.
Updated: 2005-02-14 06:50:31