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Stowers is using wrong approach2005-02-19 04:04:14e-emery

I have toured Stowers, and they are an amazing group. They have real vision and purpose that I admire. They have bet on the wrong horse in this race, and I am not willing to sarifice the State of Missouri to protect their reputation or their investment. They really do want to do what is right, I think. I just think they have based their conclusions on the wrong foundation. This is too critical an issue to just stand by and "wait it out." Because of my responsibility to the people of my district and to Missouri, I cannot stand silently on the sidelines in the battle for Missouri's future success. If I thought they could be right on this, I would be much more flexible. I continue to research and learn, but so far, the more I learn, the more convinced I have become to support Senator Bartle's bill.