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Court's decision complicates clean water efforts2006-06-21 12:39:43mariwinn

According to news disseminated by the national office of the Sierra Club, the Supreme Court voted to vacate previous judgments in the Clean Water Act cases, which threatened to cut over half the nation's river miles and countless acres of wetlands out of the Clean Water Act, and remand the cases back to the lower court. The ruling creates a legal situation that will lead to endless administrative proceedings and legal challenges in the lower courts. As Chief Justice Roberts laments, the "lower courts and regulated entities will now have to feel their way on a case-by-case basis." While it is encouraging that 5 justices rejected polluters' arguments to radically roll back the Clean Water Act, the decision will likely complicate efforts to protect individual water bodies and bog down federal agencies with thousands of determinations each year. This decision provides the perfect opportunity for Congress to pass the Clean Water Authority Restoration Act (HR. 1356 & S.912), which would reaffirm Congress' intent and the historic broad scope of the law to protect our nation's waters. The group urges citizens to remind their representatives to vote favorably for these bills.
Updated: 2006-06-21 12:41:17