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Retirement benefits are lost2006-10-21 06:58:05pfrazier

In addition to the entire flight attendant workforce finding themselves without jobs, without pensions, and without healthcare, American Airlines revoked the retirements of many people who had taken early retirements in the years before the acquisition. To find yourself reclassified as a "former employee" after decades of service and stripped of your retiree benefits is a blow from which there is no recovery. This is unconscionable on the part of American.

Story did not go far enough2006-10-20 10:59:16patti-h

Your story on the TWA Flight Attendant, selling TWA artifacts, that was nice, however, the REAL story is how American Airlines ruined thousands of jobs and careers throughout Missouri. Their "promise" TWO GREAT AIRLINES, ONE GREAT FUTURE" WAS A LIE!. As a former TWA Flight Attendant, who lost her job, Health Care Insurance, and many other things, I find this appalling that the story you printed did not address the true problem! Why not print what American Airlines has done to the work force in MISSOURI?

Layoffs affect everyone2006-10-20 10:00:57jnolan

I just wanted to thank you for exposing the truth concerning American Airlines. I am surprised that the government has turned a "deaf ear" to the plight of thousands of previous TWA. The commitments made to the government and the TWA employees in exchange for the merger agreement have not occurred. I can only think what ripple effect this will have on other careers (perhaps, even yours) if this large corporation succeeds in terminating older workers.