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The opposition appears desperate2007-04-09 14:01:48mariwinn

We don't like to censor comments made in the forum. However, from time to time, comments are made by untraceable individuals that lack credibility. In this case the Missouri Rural Crisis Center does not want to debate "smoke." They have denied any allegations made by the commenter.

SB 364 should pass!!!2007-04-07 20:02:15agteach

Tim Gibbons is a paid activist for Rural Crisis Center. He only presents one side of this issue so he can keep his paycheck. Most of the money Rural Crisis Center gets comes from a foundation that is entirely funded by Helen Lerner, a New York Socialite who is heiress to a lot of money she never had to work for. Senate Bill 364 will protect farmers from out of control local regulations. The threshold on most county health ordnances is set at 300 animal units. That is 750 hogs. Kids in FFA have more livestock than that. County commissions change their regulations ever time they get a few phone calls with complaints. Many of the commissions don't even look at the ordnance they vote on. They just copy an ordnance from anohter county and then pass it. They don't even take the time to correct the typographic errors. Read the Linn County ordnance and you will see what I am talking about. Support the real farmers in your neighborhood, not a paid activist and a New York socialite. Call your senator and ask him to vote for Senate Bill 364 WITH OUT AMENDMENTS.