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Judging the Fair Tax2011-04-14 07:42:31mariwinn

"Cmak," just like you have an opinion so does the writer whom you criticize. The JI tries hard not to judge the merits of submissions that are posted as op eds. We also question your ties to business, a major benefactor of the Fair Tax.

FairTax NEEDED2011-04-14 06:47:16cmak

This article is the epitope of slanted Journalism. Where did the Missouri Budget project get its facts from??? How was the "study" accomplished? Who paid for it?? The fact is that Jim Moody is behind all the slander about this proposal and is paid very handsomely for his efforts. Just look up how much this guy makes a year. the "effects 95% of Missourians" does not take into account the every resident would be getting back all the sales tax placed on them up through a prebate that for the first time ever untaxes the poor. So much is absolutly false about this article, it simply blows my mind that this dribble actually made it in any serios publication. I suggest the paper contact Bev Martin, Earl Williams or any number of grassroots supporters of the elimination to the Karl Marx endorsed Income Tax, who are doing the bulk of the effort of educating folks on the simple truth of the goodness of this concept of having sales taxes only. Oh by the way, the grassroots folks are far from millionaires ... unlike Jim Moody and amy Bouin, they are volunteers and NOT paid lobbyists!!!!