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The safest??? Hah!2009-07-29 14:03:09willyum

First of all, I don't think you will find anyone who doesn't consider insects to be vegetarian. Second, I have no idea what your idea of the safest meat is, but I am sure you know that modern livestock farming is the source of Mad Cow disease, and the cause of widespread outbreaks of e. coli. Pre-industrial livestock raised on a good farm did not spend every hour of their lives wallowing in their own shit, this is a recent invention. Furthermore, the systems in place to divert all this waste that you mention are designed to minimize the impact on the environment do just the opposite. Instead of having the waste of a few animals spread out throughout several acres of farmland, the droppings of thousands and thousands of such livestock are all concentrated into one area just outside the CAFOs. The resulting river of shit is devastating to the environment.