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Petition the MO House and Gov. Nixon2011-03-31 11:52:29fatigato

Please sign this online petition urging the Missouri House of Representatives and Gov. Jay Nixon to respect not only Animal Rights, but also the will of Missouri's citizens and stop SB 113. The rewrite of prop B does the following: Removes measures to ensure Regular Exercise Removes measures to ensure adequate Rest between Breeding Cycles Removes measures that guarantee access to appropriate and clean food and water Removes limitations on the number of dogs owned for the purpose of breeding Removes wording requiring a "Licensed Veterinarian" Removes need to have annual hands-on check-ups by a licensed vet, instead requiring only a walk-through (again, "licensed veterinarian" has been removed) Removes wording that each offense "shall" result in an additional charge Gives a breeder up to 180 days to correct a violation before charges are filed or licenses revoked or suspended