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Palin for President 2012?2008-10-31 22:32:55gabreial

Greetings from Alaska So Obama paid ACORN to register Donald Duch and Micky Mouse. I am sure they will show up to vote. If ACORN is so bad why was John MCCain their keynote speaker at one of their events in 2006. The scandal was was workers trying to make a buck for not working at all. Sarah has repeatedly stated her pride in 'sharing the wealth' in Alaska. She and our legislature certainly did. $1200 was added to every man, woman and child's PFD. Our elected officials wrote new law that took more money from the rich oil companies and 'shared the wealth' with the citizens. I do not recall any citizen returning their check stating "this is socialism, it is not right to 'share the wealth' And by the way it seems that Palin does not believe McCain is fit for the Presidency. She is repeatedly critical of him Does not agree with environmental statements. Does not agree with the manner the campaign is being run Interrupts when McCain is asked a question. States she has nothing to lose, and intends to run for top chair in 2012, no matter the outcome of this election. etc, etc, etc What is all this nonsense about Obama' associations. The McCain machine now criticizes Obama for a relationship with Rashid Khalidi. McCain however neglects to inform the American public that a committee John McCain Chaired gave $800,000 to an organization founded by the same Rashid Khalidi. What of McCains's relationship with 'Kill the Feds" Gorden Liddy POT: Here kettle, kettle, kettle