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ACORN seen eating grapes in produce section2008-11-01 07:57:00mambo

Recenly I saw ACORN eating grapes in the produce section. Maybe this is the reason for high food prices? ACORN stealing produce! OH MY! Hey, wasn't ACORN seen running down main street the other day carrying a bucket load of derivatives and mortgage backed securities? Financial meltdown solved. And while we are all wringing our hands over ACORN did you know John McCain has been working overtime lately to draw a negative association between Barack Obama and the left-leaning community organization ACORN. What McCain has failed to mention is that he has also been associated with ACORN, namely as keynote speaker at a Florida event co-sponsored by ACORN in February 2006. Perhaps McCain needs to have his memory refreshed. McCain is pictured here seated beside Florida representative Kendrick Meek at an event held in Miami on Feb. 20, 2006 in support of comprehensive immigration reform, which McCain also supported back when he was still a little bit mavericky. The event was sponsored by ACORN, the Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center, the Florida Immigrant Coalition, People for the American Way/Mi Familia/Vota en Accion, UNITE/HERE, Catholic Charities, the Service Employees International Union, and the New American Opportunity Campaign among other progressive groups (see Politico, MarketWatch). A video of the event including McCain's address clearly demonstrates McCain's support for ACORN's objectives: "What makes America special...," McCain's declares to an audience filled with with red-shirted ACORN members, " what's in this room tonight."